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Happy Birthday, Kostolany!
On December 10th in 1984, a black colt was born at the famous German stud farm Haemelschenburg. A colt that should later become one of the breed's most successful sires, both of breeding stock and most importantly, sport horses.
Kostolany and Jasper
Jasper and Kostolany - on his 24th Birthday

Kostolany never left the farm in his entire life, he became the NMS champion stallion in 1987, passed an outstanding 100 day test, won FEI dressage shows, and during all this time of fame and celebrity, always was the center of the Langels family.

Kostolany's talent over jumps


Kostolany's roots go all the way back to Trakehnen and the grey mare Kassette. She was one of the highest quality members of the "mixed" herd in Trakehnen, where most of the Arabian stallions were utilized. Her sire Fetysz ox was such an example. Her family has spread over several continents and the branches of her daughters belong to the most popular and successful in the entire breed. Kostolany is probably the most important link. His sire line via Enrico Caruso-Mahagoni goes back to the famous TB stallion Pasteur xx, a stallion who had tremendous success in German warmblood breeding. Kostolany puts his line in the spotlight.
Kostolany and Christoph v. Daehne

Kostolany 4-years old

4-years old

Over 140 daughters of Kostolany are registered as broodmares in Germany, among them many inspection champions and National champions. Aight of his sons have been approved for the Trakehner breed, among them the dressage "specialists" Showmaster, a Grand Prix winner, EH Gribaldi, another Grand Prix winner and himself sire of approved sons and outstanding young dressage horses, and Silvermoon, FEI dressage winner and sire of one of the breed's hottest new young stallions: Cadeau.
Kostolany at his stallion performance test

Kostolany at his stallion performance test

Kostolany and Marion

Kostolany und Marion

Kostolany and Marion

Kostolany - 14-years old

Kostolany (14-years old)

On the other hand, we find the chestnut Tolstoi, sire of the two full brothers and two champion stallions Farinelli and Freudenfest. Sans Souci is a popular stallion in East Germany and Bertone, who never bred, but became a very good eventer, is also sired by Kostolany.

Kostolany and Otto Langels in their version of
Kostolany and Otto Langels in their version of "Phantom of the Opera"

Kostolany - the Phantom of the opera

We hope we have many more years to report on the great achievements of Kostolany kids in the world. We look forward to the next big party, celebrating his 30th in 2014!!

Kostolany and Sarah

Kostolany and Patrizia

Kostolany 19-years old
19-years old at Hämelschenburg

All our best wishes, dear old friend. And congratulations to your family too, we hope to see you with the Langels for many more years to come!
Maren Engelhardt

Kostolany - on his birthday at 10. December 2004

Happy Birthday, "Kostolany"