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"Prince Condé"

Brown Trakehner Stallion
born: 12.2.1967
stick-measure: 167 cm

Prince Condé by Prince Rouge xx
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Miss Take xx
Carioca xx Astrophel xx
Carina xx
Korviglia Hansakapitän Bussard
Korinthe Indra
Prince Condé was Reserve Champion of his approvals at Neumünster and Champion at the DLG Exhibition at Hannover 1972. He was performance tested at Westercelle 1970 with the following results: "Walk good, trot and canter very good; sensitive temperament; hard constitution; good rideability, needs a sensitive hand; good jumping ability; intelligent riding horse with versatility." The German Stallion Book provides: "The highest measure of nobility and beauty; complete harmony in everything. Smooth musculature; dry and clear texture; lovely in neck and head; wonderful in his manner and way he presents himself. Ideal movement for a riding horse in all paces. Girth's depth and breadth above average; the cannons could be somewhat heavier." He sired 4 approved sons, including Zauberklang (Reserve Champion of his performance test, DLG Champion, and winner of 5 championship titles at Devon), as well as 37 studbook mares.